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Harrisehead in 1912

Harrisehead 1912

This is a short account of the people who are responsible for the day to day commerce of Harrisehead.
Most of the menfolk work for the two collieries mentioned below whilst some work on the land and a few travel to work in the potteries.
Most of the farming is wheat and beans with some dairy farming.
If we need to travel on the train we can either go to the Kidsgrove or Goldenhill stations depending on where we want to travel to.
It must be said that our most prominent citizen is Miss Dale who resides at Willow House.
Our Sub post mistress is Mrs Caroline Ann Broad.
Letters arrive at 7-20 am and are dispatched at 9-40 am and 6-40 pm.
On Sundays they arrive at 7-30 am and dispatched at 12-30 pm.
The nearest telegraph office is at Kidsgrove, which is just 2 miles away.
The Public Elementary School which was built in 1879 teaches both boys and girls.
The average attendance is 205 boys and girls and also 100 infants.
The master is Thomas Hargreaves and the mistress for the infants is Miss Florence M. Wright.

As you might expect there are quite a few farms surrounding the village, the farmers are, Joseph Blanton, William Boon, John Byson, Jacob Conway, John Hancock, Martin Hulme, William Kirkham, Thomas Lovatt, Thomas Ratcliffe, and Thomas Webb.
Thomas Lovatt is also a coal dealer and Edward Foulke is the cow keeper.
George Kirkham is our local butcher.
The shopkeepers are, Thomas W. Ball, Ambrose Buckley, Mary H.Dale, Thomas Harding, Samuel Hulme, Mrs Leese, Daniel Plimley, Mrs Rowley, Marian Shufflebottom, and Thomas Wilkinson.
We also have the Congleton Equitable & Industrial Society Limited.
Wilmot Dale is the local insurance agent in Biddulph Road.
Our renowned tradesmen are Nathaniel Hancock painter, Herbert Hulme blacksmith, Robert McLaren painter & decorator, Ernest Painter builder and John Taylor grocer & draper.
We have two collieries namely, The Forward Colliery, manager Mr S.C. Booth and The Harrisehead Colliery Company Limited manager, Mr T. Green.
Another firm is The United Velvet Cutters Association whose area of expertise is fustian cutting.
The collieries, farms and the fustian mill are the main employers here in the village.
We have three public houses, The Royal Oak whose host is James Sproston, The Nags Head with Henry Turner and finally The Red Lion ably managed by Samuel Rhodes.
David Wood
Any comments or criticisms are welcome.

This link is to the Leicester University trade directory archives, please feel free to browse, there is no charge.

History of Harrisehead