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Brindley Ford in 1912

Brindley Ford 1912, we are proud to say that we have our own minister, the Reverend Albert Williamson.
He ministers to our needs at the Primitive Methodist Church, he lives at Church House, Black Bull Lane.
The Mission Church of St Chad and also the Wesleyan chapel are here in the village.
The church was erected on land donated by Viscount Sidmouth and opened on 13th March 1890, the total cost was £800.

We have our own post office here and the post master is Charles Charlesworth.
Letters from Stoke on Trent arrive on week days at 7-40 am and 4-55 pm and are dispatched at 9-45 am and 7-17 pm on weekdays only.
The nearest telegraph office is at Black Bull railway station just a quarter of a mile away, their opening hours are, 9-00 am to 7-00 pm weekdays only.

The farmers in the immediate area are, Aaron Buckley, Thomas Cunliffe, Mrs J. Knight, Enoch Gibson at Brook House, Samuel Unwin and Arthur Ellerton at Wedgwood Farm.
The cow keepers are Henry Hayward, Herbert Oakcroft and Moses Hughes.

Ernest M. Pickstock is the landlord at the New Black Bull public house and his competitors are the beer retailers, Lucy Chadwick, Thomas Scott, Charles Featherstone, Samuel Onions and Noah Davies, Noah is just around the corner at Oxford.

Joseph Dale is the man to call on if you are a little short of money for he is our pawnbroker.

James Cook is the local insurance agent, always there every week to keep you covered by collecting your premiums.

We have three butchers, William Bradbury, Henry Shufflebotham and Thomas W. Goodwin.

Our boot maker and shoe repairer is William Slaney and a fine job he does too.

Because more people than ever can read and write, newspapers are becoming more popular all the time, our newsagent is William E. Fullwood.

Our shopkeepers are, William Bowcock, John Challinor, Joseph Kendrake, Thomas Massey, John Perks, Frederick Roberts, Sarah Roden, Willam Spode and Amos Ratcliffe & Sons.

Our hairdresser William Farr brings a new meaning to short back and sides.

A sign of modern times, William Rowley is the cycle agent, he sells and repairs cycles to anyone who can afford them.

Richard Wingrove is the resident draper, he maintains a good and varied stock.

The local police constable is William Wood he misses nothing and delights in telling parents about their errant sons.

The Refreshment Rooms are professionally managed by Mrs Ann Leather.

Chatterly Whitfield colliery is just along the road towards Tunstall and Victoria Colliery is in the other direction towards Biddulph.
Most of the villagers are employed in the coal and iron works with just a few working on the land.


The surname of the landlord of The Grapes in Newchapel around 1950 was Onions, a Samuel onions was a beer retailer in Brindley Ford in 1912.
According to staffs BMDs a Samuel Onions died in 1914 in the Biddulph district perhaps that was him.

I am fairly certain that William Wood the policeman was my grandfather’s cousin.

Below, is the link to the site where this information was obtained.
They are trade directories covering most of the UK from the early1800s to the early 1900s.

This is a really interesting site for Chatterley Whitfield.
Work your way across the black tool bar from The Friends, along to Resources.

A very useful link about the Victoria Colliery.