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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

Kidsgrove News

Shopping Local in Kidsgrove - A Real Experience!

Shopping in KidsgroveIt appears that all of the talk of shopping locally in Kidsgrove has really caught the imagination of one Whitehill Online reader. John Hall contacted us to inform us that he set about the challenge of shopping locally in Kidsgrove and has very kindly allowed us to share his experience online with all of Kidsgrove. Please remember that all the views expressed here are the personal opinions of John Hall and this is very much tongue in cheek. We fully support a vibrant Kidsgrove and the work to enhance Kidsgrove Town Centre.

I have been getting all excited over the prospect of completing my festive shopping in Kidsgrove, after learning that I could get some stamps on my map for keeping it local. So on Saturday I visited the vintage faire in Kidsgrove Town Hall and to be quite honest what a disappointment. It was like a 1980s jumble sale, without much of the later. The venue was quiet and felt more like a political rally given the number of political members in the room.

So having had my initial excitement a little dampened, off I went round to Market Street. Well, lets set about the festive shopping and firstly finding something for the wife. A quick scan of the area suggests that im not overwhelmed with choice, unless I can convince the Mrs to have a new rug, something from a charity shop or maybe even a night off cooking as we get a take away? So, realistically its Home Bargains or Lloyds pharmacy for something for the wife. £35 later and she will be happy with some facial cream and some discounted perfume ….just promise you will keep this secret until the big day?

Kidsgrove Town Centre Community Interest Company Members

Kidsgrove Community Interest CompanyKidsgrove residents may have read online and possibly heard that Kidsgrove has now formed a community interest company who will take the responsibility for promoting and organising events in Kidsgrove. This group we are told is to comprise of local Kidsgrove Councillors, business people and Kidsgrove residents.

The Kidsgrove Town Centre Community Interest Company was formed on the 25th September 2013 and has its registered company address at 2 Chapel Lane, Harriseahead. This address is also the one used by Kidsgrove Labour councillor Paul Waring.

One of the common questions that we seem to keep being asked about this organisation constantly focuses around who is actually involved in this Kidsgrove Town Centre Community Interest Company?

Well below we can list all of the current people involved in this company which hopefully will answer this common question.

  • Paul Waring (Secretary)
  • Elliot Ashton (Director)
  • Neil McNicholas (Director)
  • Mark Smithson (Director)
  • John Tervit (Director)
  • Paul Waring (Director)

We will have to wait a while yet for the public to get access to the accounts of this company, however it will have to publish audited accounts which will become publicly available. Let's hope that given time they can come up with some ideas to drive new life back into Kidsgrove Town Centre.

Kidsgrove Christmas Lights Switch On 2013 Today

Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market 2013Kidsgrove Christmas Lights will be switched on at around 4pm on today (30th November). This will be at the end of a busy day which will see Kidsgrove Town Council host its now annual Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market.

The Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market will take place at Kidsgrove Town Hall opening at 10am and concluding at 4pm. This will be an excellent community festive event for Kidsgrove where residents can visit Santa, purchase from traditional vintage stalls, purchase handmade crafts and take part in the Victorian dress up competition.

It will be good to see Kidsgrove finally light up its Christmas lights and mark the town celebrating the festive period.


Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement December 1st

kidsgrove sunday supplementWelcome to the second edition of the Sunday supplement. This is where we take a look back at the week of news from Kidsgrove. This week has been another eventful and busy week in Kidsgrove which is now distinctively looking all festive.

This is the week in which Kidsgrove has become all festive with the Christmas lights being switched on yesterday. There has been some concern in Kidsgrove over the lack of festive lights in the main shopping areas of Market Street and Heathcote Steet, as Kidsgrove once again appears to be only focusing on the main A50 Liverpool Road and Kidsgrove Town Hall.

It is interesting to see that the main shopping area of Kidsgrove has been neglected at a time when a local campaign has been launched to get people shopping locally in Kidsgrove this festive period. It does appear from readers comments that we are not the only people who are still confused by this local festive promotion and who exactly is taking part in it?

Keeping with the festive theme in Kidsgrove. Residents can expect to see the Kidsgrove Rotary Club visiting them at some point between now and the 25th of Decemeber with their annual Santa run. This is a highly popular event which brings joy to many Kidsgrove residents and the money raised all goes to good local causes.

On another note we have learnt this week that Kidsgrove will have fibre broadband installed by 2016. This will ensure that all areas of Kidsgrove should have access to a super fast internet connection, if they choose too subscribe to this.

This is the end of this weeks Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement. Please remember this is a personal look back at the last week from Kidsgrove and do feel free to share your own thoughts, either by commenting below or posting in our forum.

Kidsgrove Festive Lights Blackout

Kidsgrove Lack of Christmas LightsKidsgrove residents have been commenting about the missing Christmas lights in Market Street and Heathcote Street. Residents have been asking where are the festive lights for the main town centre with Kidsgrove being very selective on its festive offering.

Driving through Kidsgrove on the A50 it has been evident that a festive offering has been installed on lamp posts and outside Kidsgrove Town Hall, however make a trip into the main shopping area of Market Street and Heathcote Street and you will be struggling to see any indication that it’s the festive period.

No doubt cost will be sited as an excuse for the limited festive offerings, however given this is a time when we are told Kidsgrove has a group who are meant to be promoting shopping local in Kidsgrove, it seems strange to neglect the town centre. The official switch on of “part” of Kidsgrove is Saturday afternoon.