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Local Policing News

Festive Drink Driving Results from Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police arrested 150 people as part of a targeted campaign to get drink and drug drivers off the county’s roads.

The campaign, part of a national initiative co-ordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), ran between 1 December 2011 and 1 January 2012, and saw officers carry out 2,320 roadside breath tests.

This compares to 118 arrests and 1,803 roadside breath tests between 1 December 2010 and 1 January 2011.

Thousands of vehicles were stopped during the Christmas and New Year campaign, in addition to tests carried out at road traffic collisions, across the county.

This year’s campaign focused heavily on educating motorists about the consequences of drink or drug driving, with the support of partner agencies such as the Safer Roads Partnership, Alcohol and Dependency Specialists in Staffordshire (ADSIS) and HM Revenue and Customs. The campaign was also greatly supported by Special Constabulary officers.

The campaign ran alongside the Safer Roads Partnership led campaign Game Over, a high-profile campaign aimed at raising awareness and highlighting the danger of driving the morning after while still being over the limit.

Today’s figures are released a head of the national figures, which are to be announced by ACPO on Friday, 20 January.

Chief Inspector Steve Smytheman, from the force’s Road Policing Team, said: “The percentage of those tested who were positive is very similar to last year, which shows we have not had an increased number of people drink driving in the county.

“Drink or drug driving can have devastating consequences. It is against the law, anti-social and ruins lives and families.

Dog Injured in Kidsgrove RTA

 Officers from Kidsgrove are appealing for witnesses after a dog was injured in a collision yesterday.

The collision happened at approximately 5.10pm on Sunday 8 January on King Street and involved a new shaped medium size light blue or silver Ford vehicle.

 The dog suffered significant injuries and is currently receiving appropriate veterinary treatment.

 The investigating officer, PC Christopher McCarthy, is appealing for anyone who witnessed the collision to come forward and is also asking the driver of the Ford vehicle to contact him.

 Witnesses are asked to contact PC McCarthy at Staffordshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 468 of January 8.


Staffordshire Police Defrosting CareStaffordshire Police are reminding people not to leave their cars unattended on the drive while defrosting them following the cold weather across Staffordshire this morning.

Seasonally, between October and March there is an upsurge in theft of motor vehicles from driveways.

Simple crime prevention measures to protect vehicles include:

  • ensure your vehicle is securely locked, including passenger doors and sun roof, and that alarms or immobilisers are switched on
  • remove all belongings from the vehicle – even a bag of rubbish could convince a thief there is something worth stealing
  • take your sat nav with you remembering to remove the cradle and wipe any sucker marks off the dashboard or windscreen. Leaving the cradle in place tells the crooks that the sat nav might be in the glove box or boot
  • park in a garage if you have one or park under street lights if possible
  • remove work equipment from your vehicle
  • keep your car keys in a safe place so if someone breaks into your home they cannot steal your vehicle as well.


staffordshire police recover stolen cablePolice are hoping to reunite suspected stolen cable and metal sheets with its rightful owners.

After reports of suspicious behaviour in Sneyd Green on 23 November, police found an abandoned vehicle with a large quantity of cable and metal sheets. A subsequent search of the area led officers to more cable and metal sheets, together with three copper water tanks.


The exact list of items recovered is:

  • Reels of earth cable - red or green
  • Reels of blue cable
  • Reels of black cable
  • Metal sheets
  • Three water tanks.

It is believed that the items are more than likely from an industrial premises and due to the substantial amount recovered it would have had to be moved in two vehicles.

PC Claire Mace said: “We would like to trace the owners of these items and hand back property which is rightfully theirs.

“I would encourage people who own such property to check their stocks to make sure it is still in situ. If not there is a chance this property could be yours and you have not realised it is missing.”

Anyone who thinks any of the above items are theirs is asked to contact PC Claire Mace at Staffordshire Police on 101.


Staffordshire Police festive warningPolice in Staffordshire are launching a crime prevention drive to keep you and your property safe this Christmas.

People are being advised to follow simple crime prevention tips to avoid presenting opportunist thieves with free gifts during the festive season.

The advice is given as part of Operation Impact – the force’s Christmas crackdown on theft and burglary.

In your car:

  • remove your sat nav and cradle from your car and wipe away the tell tale suction marks from your windscreen
  • don’t advertise what you’ve bought by leaving shopping on view. Every car has a boot - so use it
  • never leave your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition.

At home:

  • keep doors and windows securely locked, even when you are in, and if you’re ‘just popping out’
  • keep presents out of view. Nets, curtains or blinds can be used to block prying eyes
  • take packaging of expensive items to the council recycling facility rather than leaving them out for refuse collectors to avoid advertising you have a new TV, bike or other new products.

Out and about:

  • keep wallets, purses and phones safe and out of sight
  • always shield your PIN from prying eyes.