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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

Motorists urged to stay safe and legal on Midlands motorways

motorway policeMOTORWAY POLICE in the Midlands are urging motorists to ensure their vehicles are safe and legal as they embark on journeys across some of the country's busiest routes this winter.

Officers will be conducting road checks across the area patrolled by the Central Motorway Policing Group to ensure that drivers are properly maintaining their vehicles. Sergeant Rob Leaver, from CMPG, said: "It is hugely important to make sure that all vehicles are safe and legal when getting behind the wheel. Ultimately this initiative is about preventing accidents and advising the public. "This is a time when we see a rise in vehicles with lighting defects, worn out windscreen wipers and tyre problems. "All of these issues are fairly cheap to rectify but could potentially result in very serious consequences in the wrong conditions on the motorway."

Alongside the routine patrols and investigations that conduct, our officers will be focusing on these vehicles that need attention, with the emphasis on enforcement through the vehicle defect scheme and, where appropriate, verbal advice." The central motorway network, which incorporates the M6, M5, M42, M54, M50 and the A38M, across West Midlands, Shopshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire and up to Cheshire, is estimated to carry up to 200,000 vehicles per day. Sgt Leaver added: "As we enter the time of year when the weather takes a turn for the worse, it is more important than ever that motorists employ good standards of driving to suit the road conditions."

Police often see drivers fail to use lights or demist windows which reduces their field of vision, also when the roads are wet drivers are not reducing speed, or the gap between vehicles and generally poor lane discipline. "Officers will be patrolling the network, in marked and unmarked cars, and looking out for criminal activity, and such behaviour."If seen committing an offence or driving carelessly, drivers risk being pulled over and given advice and even prosecuted. "Ultimately, taking the extra time to properly prepare for your journey and driving sensibly makes the roads safer for everyone."

Officers will be conducting checks and surgeries to offer advice to motorists at service stations across the region's motorways throughout the winter period. If you spot anyone committing motoring offences or wish to report a crime, you can contact your local police by dialling 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

To view crime prevention, motoring and vehicle maintenance advice, please visit the Staffordshire Police website at: