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Staffordshire is Getting Safer

An Office of National Statistics (ONS) report published today shows Staffordshire people are getting even safer.

Crime and anti-social behaviour are significantly down and more people agree that police and partners are dealing with the issues that matter to them.

Overall crime was down by seven per cent to 65,680 for the period April 2011 to the end of March 2012 – compared to the year before. Even more significantly, reported anti-social behaviour fell by over 8,500 offences (41,201 in 10/11 to 32,575 in 11/12).

Other headline figures include:

  • violence against the person was down by 16 per cent – nine percent better than the England and Wales average of seven percent
  • sexual offences and robbery were considerably lower than the England and Wales average. Sexual offences were down 13% compared to 2% nationally; robbery down 18% compared to 2% nationally.
  • the chance of being burgled in Staffordshire at 68 per 10,000 households is significantly lower that the England and Wales average of 105 per 10,000
  • vehicles are also safer with 33 thefts from vehicles per 10,000 households in Staffordshire compared to an England and Wales average of 54 per 10,000
  • 62 per cent of crime survey respondents say the police and local council are dealing with issues up from 53 per cent in 10/11
  • anti-social behaviour reports have dropped by a remarkable 29,000 over the last five years (61,888 to 32,575)

Commenting on the report Chief Constable Mike Cunningham said: “This is a real tribute to the hard work of staff, partners and the very many members of the public who have the confidence to support us either by reporting crime or providing other information which has helped us to deal with criminals.

“Staffordshire is getting safer over the longer-term. Over the last five years, crime and anti-social behaviour have reduced steadily and significantly. We’ve also focused on the quality of service we provide and victim satisfaction levels have steadily improved.

“As we move forward our commitment to put victims and citizens first in all that we do, and to deliver excellent service, will not falter.”

Said Police Authority Chair David Pearsall: “Despite the significant financial challenges faced by the Force and Authority, crime has continued to reduce and victim satisfaction levels have improved.

“We have focused on ensuring the Force becomes more efficient and effective whilst protecting frontline policing services. This is going to be critical to the success of the Force moving forward.

“The Force bears national comparison well and we are committed to maintaining this. As we plan for the transition to a new Police and Crime Commissioner this November, the Authority can be confident that the force is performing strongly and dealing with the things that matter to local communities.”