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Kidsgrove News

Newcastle Borough Council to freeze Council Tax

newcastle borough councilNewcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is planning to freeze its share of Council Tax bills. This is part of the council tax bill that Kidsgorve residents will have to pay.

If the proposal is agreed next month, it would mean an average Band D property would continue to pay the borough council £176.93 from April.

This is the equivalent of just 48 pence a day for the many services the borough provides for residents and comes despite the severe financial pressures facing the council.

Cllr. Mike Stubbs, Cabinet member for finance and resources, said: “We know that many people locally are still feeling the pressures caused by the economic downturn and we wanted to do our bit by not adding to their financial difficulties.

“In our budget consultation a majority of people clearly told us they were prepared to pay extra to safeguard public services locally. We have taken that message very firmly on board and while we are proposing to freeze our part of the Council Tax bill for 2014/15 it is something we will have to keep under review as the annual settlement we receive from the Government continues to go down.”

The borough council has to plug a budget gap of just over £2 million in the next financial year.

This will be achieved through:-

  • Staffing efficiencies including not filling vacant posts - £488,000.
  • Smarter procurement and reductions in supplies purchased - £259,000.
  • Additional income - £158,000.
  • Good housekeeping efficiencies - £181,000.

Another £570,000 will come from retaining additional business rates, reductions in grants and contributions to external bodies and an increase in the number of people paying Council Tax. A further £70,000 is from the Government’s Council Tax Freeze Grant.

Cllr. Stubbs added: “Since 2008/09 this council has been forced to plug budget gaps totalling an incredible £13,270,000.

“Our Medium Term Financial Strategy suggests we have further savings of at least £5,107,000 to make up to 2020. We are going to have to look long and hard at what services we continue to offer the Council Taxpayers of this borough. If you take account of inflation the amount the borough council receives from the Government between 2010/11 to 2014/15 has been reduced by 51 per cent.”

Kidsgrove Amber Weather Warning

Kidsgrove Weather WarningKidsgrove is currently in the midst of an amber weather warning for high wind and rain. The Met Office is advising that winds could reach up to 50mph in gusts and a couple of inches of rain could fall in a short time frame.

This could potentially cause fears of localised flooding for some Kidsgrove residents and make conditions on the roads slower and more hazardous than usual. We can only advise that if you don’t need to travel tonight then to delay your travels until the morning when it is expected that the weather will have improved.

If you know of any Kidsgrove related weather issues please do share them with us.

Kidsgrove Festive Sunday Supplement December 22nd

kidsgrove sunday supplement

Welcome to a special festive edition of the Whitehill Online Sunday Supplement. This week we are going to take a festive look back at the week that was in Kidsgrove, as most of the town is now sporting twinkling lights and festive baubles.

It’s been a fairly quiet week in Kidsgrove on the news front. It does appear that the impending visit of Santa is dominating the focus and attention of many Kidsgrove residents. On the Santa front, we learnt the sad news regarding the fact that some people have been visiting the Kidsgrove area pretending to be from the Kidsgrove Rotary Club collecting money, in advance of their Santa making the festive visit to the local area. We can only hope that due to the increased awareness this matter has now stopped.

It has also been another week where Kidsgrove was battered by high winds and localised flooding. It does beg the question how well the drains have been cleaned, as some areas appear to constantly suffer issues with flooding. One road which many residents complain about is The Avenue in Kidsgrove where following heavy rain, every single speed hump / cushion appears to be followed by a large puddle. If this is a design fault then maybe the council should consider this before just installing a pile of tarmac on a road?

Finally look out for a few festive specials online over the holiday period and I personally wish you all a Merry Christmas!

This is the end of this weeks Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement. Please remember this is a personal look back at the last week from Kidsgrove and do feel free to share your own thoughts, either by commenting below or posting in our forum.

Whitehill Methodist Church Christmas Celebrations 2013

whitehill methodist church christmas 2013Whitehill Methodist Church in Whitehill, Kidsgrove is holding a wide range of festive events and services this Christmas period. Whitehill Community Methodist Church can be easily found in the centre of the village of Whitehill, just below the Co-Op.

On Sunday the 22nd of December at 10.30am a communion service takes place which will be led by Mr Lester Meredith. Later in the evening at 6pm Carols by Candlelight takes place with the Rev. David Speed and the Whitehill Fellowship. Everyone in the local community it invited to attend these events.

On Christmas Eve there will be a communion service taking place at 9pm by the Rev, David Speed. This will be followed by a Christmas Day service taking place at 10am which will be led by David Greatbatch. The festive period is completed with a service by Rev. David Speed at 10.30am on Sunday 29th December.

The Footsteps Café will be open as usual on Monday 23rd and Monday the 30th of December between the hours of 10am and 12noon. This will be serving seasonal refreshments and everyone is welcome.

Bogus Callers in Kidsgrove

kidsgrove rotary santa bogus callersThere have been reports in the Kidsgrove area that bogus callers have been collecting money under the pretence of being part of the Kidsgrove Rotary Club.

Kidsgrove resident and former town, borough and county councillor Mary Maxfield reports that a woman and some others have been posing as Kidsgrove Rotary Club collectors on the Lapwing estate in Whitehill, Kidsgrove. It is reported that they have no Santa vehicle with them.

The local police have been informed, however if any Kidsgrove residents have information related to this then the can contact the Police on 101, quoting incident number 452.

You can find the Kidsgrove Rotary Club Santa run timetable online here.

Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement December 8th

kidsgrove sunday supplement

Welcome to the third edition of the Sunday supplement. This is where we take a look back at the week of news from Kidsgrove. This week has been another eventful and busy week in Kidsgrove which saw the area hit by high winds, traffic jams and power cuts.

The week kicked off when we looked at who were the directors behind the Community Interest Company (CIC) tasked with the job of promoting Kidsgrove. The company which comprises at the moment of Kidsgrove councillors and business people has been created so that it is able to take advantage of additional sources of income that the council may not be directly able obtain.

Kidsgrove Councillors and CIC Director informed us that the company address used (Kidsgrove Councillor Paul Waring home address) was used simply to ensure that paperwork didn’t get lost at the company creation stage which could have slowed down the formation of the company. Let’s hope that the CIC has success in promoting Kidsgrove and engaging Kidsgrove businesses, which at the moment sound a little reluctant on the whole to get involved.

Kidsgrove Shops Hit by Power Cut

Kidsgrove Power Cut Market StreetYesterday morning and afternoon (Friday 6th December) some parts of Kidsgrove were hit by a power cut which is reported to have lasted for at least 4 hours in places.

Shops in some of Kidsgrove were severely affected as they were unable to trade because of the requirement for power to operate their till systems. The power cut which we believe was linked to the small sub-station close to Valentine Road meant that half of the shops in Market Street had no power as well as the Aldi supermarket. Stores such as Lloyds and Home Bargains were affected, however we were told that the former had power in one part of the shop, but not the other.

This power cut would have severely affected takings for businesses in Kidsgrove on one of the busiest shopping days of the week. This power cut came just a day after Kidsgrove was gridlocked due to the M6 being closed. This will not have been a good week for local businesses at what is expected to be a busy time of the year.

Kidsgrove Traffic Chaos

Kidsgrove M6 ClosedKidsgrove yesterday suffered its usual traffic grid lock yesterday when the M6 was closed, as traffic took to the usual diversion routes of the A50 and A34.

Yesterday was particularly bad as the A50 between Red Bull traffic lights and Church Lawton lights was closed off due to a fallen tree. There were reports of it taking over an hour to make the short journey from Alsager to Kidsgrove.

Kidsgrove Town Centre and the A34 at both Butt Lane and Talke were other potential spots to avoid as the sheer volume of traffic just brought the local infrastructure in Kidsgrove to a standstill. This is becoming a common feature of the town when the M6 is closed, mainly due to the fact that some of the roads are on the official diversion route.

It does pose the question if this is the best option for Kidsgrove residents, as many simply report that they are unable to get around the town or don’t even bother to venture out. It would be interesting to know how such an event does impact on the shopping habits of Kidsgrove residents.

Kidsgrove to get 4G from EE before the end of the year

Kidsgrove EE 4GKidsgrove mobile phone users on network EE will be able to soon have access to 4G services on their mobile devices. This is after the company announced yesterday that Stoke-on-Trent is the latest part of the country to see 4G starting to be switched on.

Currently only a few selective areas of Stoke-on-Trent have access to 4G services however EE claims that all of the area will be covered before the year is out. This will include Kidsgrove as in the world of mobile communications the post codes for many Kidsgrove and Alsager residents class as being from Stoke-on-Trent.

If Kidsgrove residents wish to take advantage of this new faster mobile internet then they will most probably need a new phone, contract and probably increase the amount they pay their mobile provider each month. EE will most probably be the first provider to bring 4G to Kidsgrove, however 3 have already confirmed that the area will be switched on at some point during 2014. At the current time we have no information on O2 or Vodafone plans for the area.

Kidsgrove Christmas Challenge

kidsgrove christmas challengeKidsgrove Councillor and Director of Kidsgrove Town Centre Community Interest Company Elliot Ashton has informed us about the Kidsgrove Christmas Challenge. This is the scheme that has been mentioned previously in our articles, however we have able to work out how it all works.

Elliot commented “The Independent Christmas Challenge is a National scheme mainly for children, the idea is to visit 10 of the 24 shops signed up in Kidsgrove and Butt Lane and collect a sticker from each, they then take the competed booklet (which we will be distributing to schools) to the library to collect a prize supplied by Tesco and a certificate and they can enter a free prize draw for a chance to win a boys or girls bike provided by Smithsons or one of two £50 cash prizes provided by ICL.”

It sounds like a scheme that can work if it can get Kidsgrove young residents and parents involved in shopping in Kidsgrove. I think everyone accepts that developing and improving Kidsgrove is going to take time and money.

Shopping Local in Kidsgrove - A Real Experience!

Shopping in KidsgroveIt appears that all of the talk of shopping locally in Kidsgrove has really caught the imagination of one Whitehill Online reader. John Hall contacted us to inform us that he set about the challenge of shopping locally in Kidsgrove and has very kindly allowed us to share his experience online with all of Kidsgrove. Please remember that all the views expressed here are the personal opinions of John Hall and this is very much tongue in cheek. We fully support a vibrant Kidsgrove and the work to enhance Kidsgrove Town Centre.

I have been getting all excited over the prospect of completing my festive shopping in Kidsgrove, after learning that I could get some stamps on my map for keeping it local. So on Saturday I visited the vintage faire in Kidsgrove Town Hall and to be quite honest what a disappointment. It was like a 1980s jumble sale, without much of the later. The venue was quiet and felt more like a political rally given the number of political members in the room.

So having had my initial excitement a little dampened, off I went round to Market Street. Well, lets set about the festive shopping and firstly finding something for the wife. A quick scan of the area suggests that im not overwhelmed with choice, unless I can convince the Mrs to have a new rug, something from a charity shop or maybe even a night off cooking as we get a take away? So, realistically its Home Bargains or Lloyds pharmacy for something for the wife. £35 later and she will be happy with some facial cream and some discounted perfume ….just promise you will keep this secret until the big day?

Whitehill Methodist Church Christmas Fayre Today

Whitehill Methodist Christmas FayreWhitehill Methodist Church is hosting its annual Christmas Fair Today! (Saturday 23rd November). Get yourself along to Whitehill Methodist Church and take a look around the festive delights on offer.

This annual event is popular amunst the Kidsgrove community and is an excellent opportunity to stock up on festive crafts and gifts in preperation for Christmas. The event which takes place at Whitehill Methodist Church starts at 2pm and featres a visit by santa himself!

Whitehill Methodist Church is easily located on Whitehill Road, Kidsgrove. Just below Whitehill Co-Op.

Kidsgrove Town Centre Community Interest Company Members

Kidsgrove Community Interest CompanyKidsgrove residents may have read online and possibly heard that Kidsgrove has now formed a community interest company who will take the responsibility for promoting and organising events in Kidsgrove. This group we are told is to comprise of local Kidsgrove Councillors, business people and Kidsgrove residents.

The Kidsgrove Town Centre Community Interest Company was formed on the 25th September 2013 and has its registered company address at 2 Chapel Lane, Harriseahead. This address is also the one used by Kidsgrove Labour councillor Paul Waring.

One of the common questions that we seem to keep being asked about this organisation constantly focuses around who is actually involved in this Kidsgrove Town Centre Community Interest Company?

Well below we can list all of the current people involved in this company which hopefully will answer this common question.

  • Paul Waring (Secretary)
  • Elliot Ashton (Director)
  • Neil McNicholas (Director)
  • Mark Smithson (Director)
  • John Tervit (Director)
  • Paul Waring (Director)

We will have to wait a while yet for the public to get access to the accounts of this company, however it will have to publish audited accounts which will become publicly available. Let's hope that given time they can come up with some ideas to drive new life back into Kidsgrove Town Centre.

Kidsgrove Rotary Bonfire Success

Kidsgrove Bonfire SuccessKidsgrove Rotary Club is celebrating another successful Kidsgrove bonfire despite the awful weather on the night. The event however was marred by claims that an unknown caller told a local radio station that the event had been cancelled.

Hundreds of local people turned out for a wonderfully successful Bonfire and Firework night on November 2nd. We raised more than £600 for charitable concerns. It could have been more but its strongly rumoured that an unknown caller told the local radio station, maliciously, that the event had been cancelled. Mayor Kyle Robinson opened the event for Kidsgrove Rotary by lighting the bonfire and the firework display and bonfire were the best for years. Nearly a thousand people came on the night.

We would like to thank all the people involved for their commitment in helping and supporting the Bonfire & Fireworks Display:

Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement December 1st

kidsgrove sunday supplementWelcome to the second edition of the Sunday supplement. This is where we take a look back at the week of news from Kidsgrove. This week has been another eventful and busy week in Kidsgrove which is now distinctively looking all festive.

This is the week in which Kidsgrove has become all festive with the Christmas lights being switched on yesterday. There has been some concern in Kidsgrove over the lack of festive lights in the main shopping areas of Market Street and Heathcote Steet, as Kidsgrove once again appears to be only focusing on the main A50 Liverpool Road and Kidsgrove Town Hall.

It is interesting to see that the main shopping area of Kidsgrove has been neglected at a time when a local campaign has been launched to get people shopping locally in Kidsgrove this festive period. It does appear from readers comments that we are not the only people who are still confused by this local festive promotion and who exactly is taking part in it?

Keeping with the festive theme in Kidsgrove. Residents can expect to see the Kidsgrove Rotary Club visiting them at some point between now and the 25th of Decemeber with their annual Santa run. This is a highly popular event which brings joy to many Kidsgrove residents and the money raised all goes to good local causes.

On another note we have learnt this week that Kidsgrove will have fibre broadband installed by 2016. This will ensure that all areas of Kidsgrove should have access to a super fast internet connection, if they choose too subscribe to this.

This is the end of this weeks Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement. Please remember this is a personal look back at the last week from Kidsgrove and do feel free to share your own thoughts, either by commenting below or posting in our forum.

Will You Shop Local in Kidsgrove this Christmas?

kidsgrove christmas shoppingKidsgrove appears to have a new group who is hoping to revise the fortunes of the town centre. This group comprises of some local businesses, residents and Kidsgrove councillors.

The group, of which little is known about are aiming to set about revising the fortunes of Kidsgrove Town Centre. It appears that the first big venture is some idea to try and encourage people to shop locally in Kidsgrove this Christmas period.

It has to be said that the concept as I understand it is a little confusing, certainly I don’t think it has been explained as simply as it could have been. That said, maybe I have understood the concept incorrectly and maybe someone from this group could provide some information so that we can actually share it with local residents.

I’ll have a go at explaining how I think it works. Some retailers in Kidsgrove and Butt Lane (not sure who?) are offering stickers when you spend a certain amount (again not sure how much?). These stickers then go on a card and when you get a set amount (not sure how many?) then you can go into a prize draw.

As you can see the information that I have obtained is quite patchy and considering this is meant to be a venture to drive up trade and business in Kidsgrove, I doubt if this will communicate to the wider Kidsgrove public. Some people will be reading this for the first time, others may know more information about the scheme? However if we are going to have an effective and vibrant Kidsgrove then this information needs getting out to all local media.

Clearly all of the above is just my personal thoughts and opinion on the matter and hopefully we can establish the information to make Kidsgrove more successful.


Kidsgrove Christmas Lights Switch On 2013 Today

Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market 2013Kidsgrove Christmas Lights will be switched on at around 4pm on today (30th November). This will be at the end of a busy day which will see Kidsgrove Town Council host its now annual Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market.

The Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market will take place at Kidsgrove Town Hall opening at 10am and concluding at 4pm. This will be an excellent community festive event for Kidsgrove where residents can visit Santa, purchase from traditional vintage stalls, purchase handmade crafts and take part in the Victorian dress up competition.

It will be good to see Kidsgrove finally light up its Christmas lights and mark the town celebrating the festive period.


Kidsgrove Gets Improved CCTV

kidsgrove cctv improved camerasKidsgrove Town Centre is to benefit from new CCTV cameras which enable the local Police to have access to the cameras from their mobile phones. The cameras installed in Market Street and Heathcote Street are the new version of CCTV cameras, known as IP cameras, which allow instant access over an internet connection.

The previous system that was in use in Kidsgrove meant that the footage could not be accessed when the General Traffic shop in Kidsgrove was closed. This new improvement should ensure that Kidsgrove shoppers and residents are much safer when in the town centre.

It is unknown how many of the new cameras have been installed, some residents report that they have noticed one camera, others 2. Given that the project has cost £6000 it would be fair to assume that the roads in question now have ample coverage. Let’s hope that this is only the start of improvements to Kidsgrove Town Centre.

Kidsgrove Festive Lights Blackout

Kidsgrove Lack of Christmas LightsKidsgrove residents have been commenting about the missing Christmas lights in Market Street and Heathcote Street. Residents have been asking where are the festive lights for the main town centre with Kidsgrove being very selective on its festive offering.

Driving through Kidsgrove on the A50 it has been evident that a festive offering has been installed on lamp posts and outside Kidsgrove Town Hall, however make a trip into the main shopping area of Market Street and Heathcote Street and you will be struggling to see any indication that it’s the festive period.

No doubt cost will be sited as an excuse for the limited festive offerings, however given this is a time when we are told Kidsgrove has a group who are meant to be promoting shopping local in Kidsgrove, it seems strange to neglect the town centre. The official switch on of “part” of Kidsgrove is Saturday afternoon.

Market Street Kidsgrove Finally to Become One Way?

market street kidsgroveThere has been rumblings once again that Market Street in Kidsgrove could become one way, this is after at least 20 years of such discussions taking place regarding the focal point of Kidsgrove Town Centre.

Market Street in Kidsgrove has been at the centre of discussions for years. The original plan was to pedestrianize the road, however this was opposed by some Kidsgrove traders in the area. Then another option that was proposed was to make Market Street one way, however again this caused great debate amongst Kidsgrove traders. Now it seems that it is back on the agenda.

If this is a real movement to actually get something done or just the usual hot air that tends to come from certain groups in Kidsgrove is yet to be seen. Let’s hope that we are still not talking about this issue in 20 years time!


Kidsgrove to have fibre by 2016

Kidsgrove Fibre BroadbandKidsgrove residents can expect to have access to fibre optic broadband by the end of 2016 at the latest, according to information published by Staffordshire County Council. The council has published information which suggests that 97% of the county will have access to high speed internet by 2016.

Staffordshire County Council is working in partnership with Stoke on Trent City Council, BDUK and BT, to bring fibre based broadband to 97% of Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent by spring 2016 (roughly 472,000 premises), with 95% of homes and businesses being able to access speeds of 24Mbps or more. For those premises not included in the fibre footprint they are aiming to improve broadband speeds using alternative technologies.

Staffordshire County Council will be investing nearly £8million, which is being match-funded with £7.44million from BDUK and £12.47million from BT.

Kidsgrove Rush Hour Chaos as Car Hits Telegraph Pole on Kidsgrove Bank

kidsgrove bank crash Kidsgrove and Tunstall faced rush hour chaos as the A50 Kidsgrove was closed after a black Vauxhall Corsa managed to collide with a telegraph pole and lamp post, close to Goldenhill Working Mens Club.

Staffordshire Police say that the accident happened at around 2pm and although the road reopened before rush hour it was still causing major disruption. Some local residents reported hearing a loud bang and came running out to find the car in the middle of the road and the telegraph pole lying on the road.

Staffordshire Police have arrested the 20 year old driver on suspicion of dangerous driving.

Photo kindly provided by Ian Walker.


Kidsgrove Christmas Lights Switch On 2013

Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market 2013Kidsgrove Christmas Lights will be switched on at around 4pm on Saturday (30th November). This will be at the end of a busy day which will see Kidsgrove Town Council host its now annual Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market.

The Kidsgrove Victorian Christmas Market will take place at Kidsgrove Town Hall opening at 10am and concluding at 4pm. This will be an excellent community festive event for Kidsgrove where residents can visit Santa, purchase from traditional vintage stalls, purchase handmade crafts and take part in the Victorian dress up competition.

It will be good to see Kidsgrove finally light up its Christmas lights and mark the town celebrating the festive period.


Clough Hall Park Bowling Pavilion in Arson Attack

Clough Hall Park FireThe bowling pavilion at Clough Hall Park, Kidsgrove has been targeted overnight by suspected arsonists.

Staffordshire Fire Service was called to Clough Hall Park in Kidsgrove at 1.46am this morning with both crews from Sandyford and Kidsgrove Fire Stations attending. The fire service has confirmed that they are treating the incident as arson as they believe petrol was used as the accelerant for the fire.

This is sad news for Clough Hall Park and something that is no doubt going to damage the long term image of the park for users. Anyone with any information should contact Staffordshire Police.

Speed Cameras for Kidsgrove Bank

kidsgrove bank speed camerasKidsgrove Bank residents are calling for speed cameras to be installed on Kidsgrove Bank, following the accident which took place last week in which a black Corsa hit a telegraph pole and lamppost. It is not known if speed was a cause of the accident, however some Kidsgrove residents believe that speed can be an issue on this road.

This is always an emotive subject and reports can be found that support both sides of the argument. Some people argue that speed perception tends to be higher than the actual value and its poor driving skills and not always speed that causes issues. It will be interesting to see what the Police conclude to be the cause of this accident. At the moment it is hard to see anyone investing in cameras when agencies are in discussions about who actually foots the operational costs for these?


Kidsgrove Braced for Cold Snap

Kidsgrove Braced for Cold SnapThe forecast cold snap is due to arrive tomorrow (Tuesday 19th November) with some forecasters predicting that Kidsgrove could see its first snow fall of this Autumn / Winter period on Wednesday morning. We are told this will be a light dusting, however given how the weather seems to affect the UK roads, it is advisable to expect some disruption.

Staffordshire County Council has assured residents that it is prepared for this winter period and has ample supplies of salt to keep the highways moving. Remember that not all highways are gritted and to take extra care as ice will form on roads if we do have this forecast cold snap.

Kidsgrove Rotary Raindeer Route 2013

Kidgrove Rotarty Reindeer RouteKidsgrove Rotary Club has once again announced that it will be carrying on with the hugely popular Reindeer route. Please take note of when you will be visited by Santa and his friends and give generously as all money is distributed out to local causes within the Kidsgrove area.

Reindeer Routes for Christmas 2013

  • Saturday 30th November: Santa’s Grotto at the Victoria Hall…10am...4pm
  • Sunday 1st December: Kent Green to Lawton Avenue……………….3.15pm
  • Monday 2nd December: Talke Pits Village……………………………..6pm
  • Tuesday 3rd December: Newchapel Road to Maryhill………………....6pm
  • Thursday 5th December: Mount Road to Parklands……….……..........6pm
  • Friday 6th December: Gloucester Road to Boathorse Road.………….6pm
  • Saturday 7th December: Birchenwood Country Park/Millers View….9am
  • Sunday 8th December: Rookery to Harriseahead……………….......3.15pm
  • Monday 9th December: Spring Bank to Mount Pleasant………...........6pm
  • Tuesday 10th December: Clough Hall to Springfield Close…….……..6pm
  • Thursday 12th December: Vine Bank Road to Whitehill….……….…6pm
  • Friday 13th December: Chatterley Drive to Shakespeare Close……...6pm
  • Saturday 14th December: King Street & Market Street ………9am…3pm
  • Sunday 15th December: Harriseahead to Whitehill…………………3.15pm
  • Monday 16th December: Woodshutt Street to Mitchell Drive………...6pm
  • Tuesday 17th December Cedar Avenue to Maple Avenue………….…6pm
  • Thursday 19th December: Unity Way to Wedgwood Road…...............6pm
  • Friday 20th DECEMBER: Monument Road and Talke Pits……………...6pm
  • Saturday 21st December:HOME BARGAINS………………..9am….4pm
  • Sunday 22nd December:TESCO……………………………….10am...4pm
  • Monday 23rd DECEMBER:ALDI………………………………..9am….6pm
  • Tuesday 24th December:TESCO……………………………....9am…1pm

Whitehill Methodist Church Christmas Fayre

Whitehill Methodist Christmas FayreWhitehill Methodist Church is hosting its annual Christmas Fair on Saturday 23rd November.

This annual event is popular amunst the Kidsgrove community and is an excellent opportunity to stock up on festive crafts and gifts in preperation for Christmas. The event which takes place at Whitehill Methodist Church starts at 2pm and featres a visit by santa himself!

Whitehill Methodist Church is easily located on Whitehill Road, Kidsgrove. Just below Whitehill Co-Op.

Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement

kidsgrove sunday supplementIts been a busy week in Kidsgrove and ourselves in this virtual Kidsgrove bubble. In this new Whitehill Online Sunday feature we take a look back at the week that was, from a personal perspective and the comments shared with us from Kidgrove residents across all our platforms.

The week started in hectic fashion for us in this virtual Kidsgrove bubble. We were aware for months that we were getting close to the ceiling of the number of visitors the site could handle effectively, however this was the weekend that we took steps to future proof this part of the site for many years to come.

Its evident that increasingly more of Kidsgrove has online access and we are delighted that 11 years after this virtual Kidsgrove bubble was devised it is now receiving the credit and acclaim that it quite rightly deserves.

Elsewhere in Kidsgrove this week we have witnessed the fantastic Whitehill Methodist Church Christmas Fayre. This was a fantastic community event that was well attended as ever and really kicked off the festive feeling locally in many peoples eyes. On Saturday it will be the turn of Kidsgrove to host the festive events and really light up the town this Christmas period.

Kidsgrove has also seen improvements to the CCTV system that is evident in the town centre, with new cameras that cover both Market Street and Heathcote Street. This £6000 investment will now enable the Police to access the cameras 24 hours a day via their mobile phones and computers. It should improve the perception of safety for Kidsgrove residents when out in the town centre.

Kidsgrove News October / November Edition Now Online

kidsgrove news onlineThe latest edition of Kidsgrove News is now available online to read. Kidsgrove News is the local bi-monthly publication for Kidsgrove and is delivered to every home in the Kidsgrove area.

The October / November issue of Kidsgrove news features as ever a wide range of local news stories and features. The online readership of Kidgrove News is proving exceptionally popular, reinforcing the popularity of the local publication.

You can view the latest edition of Kidsgrove News along with previous editions of Kidsgrove News by clicking the “Kidsgrove News Journal” link in our Kidsgrove News menu or by simply clicking the link here.