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Kyle-Noel Taylor Found Guilty of Assault and Battery


Kyle Noel Taylor found guilty on the 4 charges of assault and battery.Kidsgrove and Newcastle Brough Councillor Kyle Noel Taylor was at 3.15 pm today at Newcastle Magistrates' Court was found guilty on the 4 charges of assault and battery. He will be sentenced on 1 December 2011 at Fenton Magistrates' Court.

Kyle-Noel Taylor has hit the headline in the past since being elected on to the council as  Labour Party candidate. Councillor Kyle-Noel Taylor was initially mentored and supported in his role my Margaret Astle, as a time when she had lost her seat on the council. More recently no one from the Kidsgrove Labour Party would comment on Kyle-Noel Tayor, yet in the last set of elections he was listed on the ballet paper as a Labour candidate.

Kidsgorve Labour Party Chairman and Local Councillor David Stringer has provided the following statement to Whitehill Online following the removal of legal restraits.

The Labour Party was unable to act until a guilty verdict was reached but Kyle was administratively suspended once the legal process started. This meant that although he was allowed to retain his seat at both Newcastle and Kidsgrove his influence was very much curtailed. He was also informed that he would not be selected by Labour for any seat at any level in the country for the foreseeable future - effectively for ever subject to appeal.

He was not allowed to attend Labour Group meetings at either Newcastle or Kidsgrove and was removed from all Committees at Newcastle. We were informed that as Committee membership is proposed by the Political Parties at Newcastle he could be removed at NBC but Committees are formed in a different way at Kidsgrove Town Council. Also his impending trial could not be used as a reason for removal.  

That is why I worked to gain the Full Council's approval to suspend him from Committees at Kidsgrove and to have him reported to the Standards Committee following his unacceptable social networking comments. I also successfully campaigned to have him removed from the Chairmanship of Kidsgrove LAP.  

Kyle was not endorsed by Kidsgrove Labour Party for the May 2011 Town elections and did not appear on the election literature. However it was legally not possible to bar him from standing as a member of the Labour Party.  

There are unconfirmed reports that Kyle has already resigned from the Labour Party. Early indications are that his guilty verdict could carry a custodial sentence. If that is the case I am sure that he will be removed from office shortly after sentencing on December 1st.  

I have great pride in my role as Town Councillor but I believe that Kyle has brought disrepute on us all. The one saving grace is that he is one of the exceptions that proves the rule that Councillors are generally hard-working and honourable people who give up their time with little financial reward. I am sure that all parties have at some time had amongst their midst members who are less than perfect. Kyle-Noel Taylor happened to be ours.  

The one thing that I do hope is that young people are not put off standing for public office and that the electorate will have the confidence to place their trust in young candidates in the future. In my opinion public office profits from a cross-section of ages, cultures and experiences that truly reflect society as a whole.

 It is now reported that he said was resigning from the Labour Party at the end of the trial. It is unsure at this stage if he can remain a councillor, however the statement above from David Stringer suggests that he will be unable to represent the party in the future.

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