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Kidsgrove Police Station to move to Kidsgrove Town Hall?


kidsgrove police station to move to kidsgrove town hallThere have been a large number of rumours around Kidsgrove at the moment with regards to the situation regarding Kidsgrove Police Station. It now appears that we have an update on what is happening with the Police Station in Kidsgrove and Policing in Kidsgrove.

Staffordshire Police are looking at moving into Kidsgrove Town Hall and sharing this as the main focal point of policing in Kidsgrove. A report from the Police suggests that it will produce vast savings and may logicsical sense to move the location from the current station in Kidsgrove to the Town Hall in Kidsgrove.

Kidsgrove Town Hall is already equipped with a reception area with a number of desks and interview and meeting rooms which would facilitate a one-stop shop arrangement. The building is already a focal point in the town and the fact that it is also the base for the Town Council and the Citizens’ Advice Bureau actually increases the ability of our neighbourhood policing team to engage with the local community.

Station Fact File:
• Only 1/3 of Kidsgrove Police Station is used by local officers.
• Since 2005 all prisoners have been taken to Etruria.
• It costs £54,000 per year to run Kidsgrove Police Station ~ almost double the cost of sharing space in your Town Hall.
• We need to spend £88,000 on repairs to Kidsgrove Police Station over the next three years.
• The Town Hall is closer to the town centre than the Police Station.
• Police spend the majority of their duty away from the police station and out in your community.
• By working in the same building as council colleagues and other key partners we will further improve the service to the community.

Chief Inspector Neil Hulme says “As your local policing commander I can assure you we are committed ensure your local neighbourhood police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) remain in and around our community”.

Well respected local officer Matin Stenvenson says “I have a long association with Kidsgrove, it’s my home too and whilst I’m not precious about a building, I am absolutely passionate about Staffordshire Police providing the best possible service to our community. This proposed move to Kidsgrove Town Hall is the right thing for us to do and demonstrates the forces commitment to delivering local policing services from Kidsgrove.”

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