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Kyle Noel Taylor Sentenced to 6 Months in Young Offenders

kyle noel taylor in cout

Kyle-Noel Taylor has been sentenced to six months in a young offenders' institution. Today he was sentenced to a custodial sentence for:

  • Assault 24 March - 3 months
  • Assault 22 January - 1 month
  • Assault 6 January - 1 month
  • Assault 25 January 1 month

The sentence will be served at a Young Offenders Institution.

The Chairman of the Magistrates in his summing up said that Mr Taylor had shown no remorse in the matter, encouraged the victim to lie, been involved with domestic violence and caused degradation to the victim.

At the end of the sentencing session his Defence Counsellor submitted an appeal against the conviction and sentence and asked that Mr Taylor be granted bail because he had not offended for a number of months and that it would interfere with his education. Bail was refused. The case will now be sent to the Crown Court at Hanley.

It is also believed that Kyle-Noel Taylor also announced his resignation from the Labour Party today as well. The Labour Party has now stated that he will not be able to be a member of the party for at least 5 years. What is concerning is how after this period it appears he could be welcomed back.

Kyle Noel Taylor will lose his place on Newcastle Brough Council if he does not win his appeal and get the sentence reduced to 3 months or less.


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