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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

Kidsgrove Lads & Dads Football Tournament to go-ahead

kidsgrove ladsandadsKidsgrove Lads and Dads were directly affected by the actions of travellers being parked on football pitches at Birchenwood in Kidsgrove. They had a large football competition that they hold at the start of each season which sees many teams decend on Birchenwood, from 6 different counties all to share their love of football. This event also enables the organisation to raise vital funds to enable it to continue for the whole season.

Kidsgrove Lands and Dads told BBC Radio Stoke yesterday evening that the competition this weekend will go ahead as planned. The council have assured them that they can repair the pitches in time, however surrounding areas where they have been used as a toilet by the travellers could take weeks to clean up. This is something that the council will have to do as the organisation only rents the use of the land off Newcastle Borough Council.

However, Kidsgrove Lads and Dads also said that 30 teams have dropped out of the competition due to the uncertainty regarding this tournament, this is something that will have a financial impact on the organisation. Speaking on BBC Radio Stoke it was suggested that this could leave the organisation short financially for this coming season and are calling on any organisations to speak to them to see what opportunities exist.

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