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Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement December 8th

kidsgrove sunday supplement

Welcome to the third edition of the Sunday supplement. This is where we take a look back at the week of news from Kidsgrove. This week has been another eventful and busy week in Kidsgrove which saw the area hit by high winds, traffic jams and power cuts.

The week kicked off when we looked at who were the directors behind the Community Interest Company (CIC) tasked with the job of promoting Kidsgrove. The company which comprises at the moment of Kidsgrove councillors and business people has been created so that it is able to take advantage of additional sources of income that the council may not be directly able obtain.

Kidsgrove Councillors and CIC Director informed us that the company address used (Kidsgrove Councillor Paul Waring home address) was used simply to ensure that paperwork didn’t get lost at the company creation stage which could have slowed down the formation of the company. Let’s hope that the CIC has success in promoting Kidsgrove and engaging Kidsgrove businesses, which at the moment sound a little reluctant on the whole to get involved.


We have also learnt that the Shop Local scheme in Kidsgrove is being promoted more to the younger members of the community. As a result this will see the local schools in Kidsgrove receiving information on how the students can get involved and the prizes that can be won. Again let’s hope that this is something that can be successful in increasing spending and business in the town.

The weather this week conspired to cause issues in Kidsgrove. On Thursday the M6 closure led to traffic grid lock in the town centre. It appeared that you could not move anywhere around Kidsgrove Town Centre without meeting traffic jams. There were reports of it taking over an hour to make the short trip from Alsager to Kidsgrove. This was further compounded by the fact that Kidsgrove was battered that evening by high winds, which has left many of the Christmas lights on lampposts facing in some interesting directions.

Friday was the day that traders in some parts of Kidsgrove were to experience power cuts. This was to happen on the morning of one of the busiest shopping days traditionally in Kidsgrove. It appeared that some businesses in Market Street and Aldi were affected by this powercut, something that no doubt would have not helped after many people would have avoided the town centre on Thursday. It does appear that this has now been thankfully addressed and business in Kidsgrove can get back to normal.

One final note, if you have not read the excellent tongue in cheek Kidsgrove shopping experience piece, written by a reader and Kidsgrove resident, you have really missed out. Have a read here and we think it’s sure to make you smile.

This is the end of this weeks Kidsgrove Sunday Supplement. Please remember this is a personal look back at the last week from Kidsgrove and do feel free to share your own thoughts, either by commenting below or posting in our forum.

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