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Shopping Local in Kidsgrove - A Real Experience!

Shopping in KidsgroveIt appears that all of the talk of shopping locally in Kidsgrove has really caught the imagination of one Whitehill Online reader. John Hall contacted us to inform us that he set about the challenge of shopping locally in Kidsgrove and has very kindly allowed us to share his experience online with all of Kidsgrove. Please remember that all the views expressed here are the personal opinions of John Hall and this is very much tongue in cheek. We fully support a vibrant Kidsgrove and the work to enhance Kidsgrove Town Centre.

I have been getting all excited over the prospect of completing my festive shopping in Kidsgrove, after learning that I could get some stamps on my map for keeping it local. So on Saturday I visited the vintage faire in Kidsgrove Town Hall and to be quite honest what a disappointment. It was like a 1980s jumble sale, without much of the later. The venue was quiet and felt more like a political rally given the number of political members in the room.

So having had my initial excitement a little dampened, off I went round to Market Street. Well, lets set about the festive shopping and firstly finding something for the wife. A quick scan of the area suggests that im not overwhelmed with choice, unless I can convince the Mrs to have a new rug, something from a charity shop or maybe even a night off cooking as we get a take away? So, realistically its Home Bargains or Lloyds pharmacy for something for the wife. £35 later and she will be happy with some facial cream and some discounted perfume ….just promise you will keep this secret until the big day?


Now on to the little one. I say little, he is 18 but a little vertically challenged. I felt the inspiring poetry of Wordsworth come to mind, as I did “wander lonely as a cloud”, just past an endless line of cars parked on double yellow lines. Now what to buy him for Christmas? Looking around its either going to have to be a visit to the two off-licences on Heathcote Street, something festive from Bee Jays or maybe something for the car from General Traffic? You guessed it, before I knew it I was parting with £25 for some shampoo and wax for the car …shame he can't drive just yet.

Lastly its the turn of my daughter. What do you buy a 24 year lady from the delights of Kidsgrove? Wandering a little further afield in the town, Liverpool Road offers the delights of a new bed, a tattoo or even a new bathroom. All very feasible presents that can be easily wrapped and placed under a Christmas tree. In the end I relented and wander round the corner past the Co-Op Bank (used to be Britannia) to a shop I know will solve my problems. Well what girl won't want to have a home brew beginners kit for Christmas?

As I was walking back to the car, it suddenly adorned on me that what if my family are not impressed with my festive offering from Kidsgrove? However, I should worry not, as Kidsgrove has plenty of funeral directors who will be only too happy to ensure the complete Christmas in my household is spent locally in Kidsgrove.

Bag yourself a real treat this year and surprise your loved ones (surprise being the optimum word) and do your shopping locally. Go Kidsgrove!

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0 #4 Brian 2013-12-24 07:26
I'm afraid all the n complaints about the lack of shops in Kidsgrove aren't going to make any difference. The reason all the shops vanished was that they weren't being used enough to be viable and the takeaways obviously aren't.Unfortun ately cs287xoupled with the difficulty of parking in the town centre it definitely doesn't look as though we will be having a rebirth of a thriving market street.
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0 #3 Bob 2013-12-03 08:42
I should add that when I went to the town hall it was fairly busy. I can imagine that it was quieter in the morning, however this is the case with most events.

As for the shopping experience in Kidsgrove sadly most of it is true.
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0 #2 Elliot 2013-12-03 08:39
It made me smile and I agree with the other poster that we do need a wider range of shops but that won't happen over night. It's a long term plan to improve the area and all areas are suffering.
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+2 #1 zoe 2013-12-03 08:16
Very funny and very true.

Kidsgrove needs a bigger range of shops.
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