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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

Kidsgrove Swimming Pool Summer Re-open

kidsgrove swimming poolKidsgrove residents will be pleased to hear that Kidsgrove Leisure Centre should have the main swimming pool in Kidsgrove back open by the summer. This is excellent news for Kidsgrove residents who have been forced out of Kidsgrove if they have been looking to go swimming.

Official information today has been given to County Councilor Mary Maxfield that the pool is not closing permanently.  Structural engineers are preparing plans for the repairs and Staffordshire County Council are putting in £100,000 towards the cost of the repairs which should be completed in June 2012. The amount of contribution from Newcastle Borough Council or Clough Hall Technology College is not known at  the moment.

Kidsgrove Leisure Centre has had the main pool closed for around 6 months now and the fact that nothing has been done with the roof has annoyed many local residents. It does appear that things are now about to start moving and the money has been found to fix the roof and get this community resource back open to the public. It would also be fair to expect some modernation of the Kidsgrove pool to take place why these closures are in place to ensure the long term viability of the Kidsgrove pool.

We shall watch this space to see if Kidsgrove does have a swimming pool come the summer months once again.

It is inconvenient for those people who use Kdsgrove Pool but alternative provision is available at Chesterton and Jubilee2.


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