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Kidsgrove Hit by Further Heavy Snow

St Thomas Church Kidsgrove SnowLast night Kidsgrove was once again hit with heavy snowfall. The snowfall was heavy and prolonged, lasting well into the early hours of the morning. This snow fall had been predicted by the Met Office with an amber weather warning in place which covered the Kidsgrove area.

The snow which began falling around 5pm took its time to leave its mark on Kidsgrove, however by 9pm it was clear this was the heaviest snowfall that Kidsgrove has experienced for a number of years. Staffordshire County Council were fighting a losing battle constantly gritting and ploughing the snow from the local roads, a job which continued all night and still as this is being published.

The outstanding work of Staffordshire County Council does mean that residents are able to drive on the local roads this morning, all be it limited in places. Market Street in Kidsgrove and Heathcote Street have both been reduced to a single file ploughed track this morning. These roads will hopefully clear further as more traffic takes to the roads this morning.

First Bus in Staffordshire has still suspended all bus services. The number 7 route which serves Kidsgrove was one of the first to be suspended last night following the snowfall. There were numerous reports of traffic accidents taking place last night as some of the freezing rain made the roads even more dangerous and impassable. Many reports suggest that Kidsgrove Bank and Pennyfields Road became impassable at times.

The good news is that the temperature should rise today and start the snow melt process. Heavy rain is forecast for later tonight which could cause floods for some areas.

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0 #2 John 2013-01-26 11:38
They were ploughing and gritting at those times. I saw one go along about 9.30pm then another at 11pm and one final one before bed at about 12.45am. I was thinking how impressed I was with the service they were offering.

The snow was bad last night proof being how the Highways Agengy and there larger gritters could not even cope. The volume of snow kept whiting over the roads. The salt was under the snow and began to work once traffic drove on the roads (like this morning).

Some problems are caused by poor tyre choice on cars and driving style. Some motorists don't help themselves but with that snow anyone could have got stuck.
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0 #1 Pam 2013-01-26 11:27
Well there was no gritting or ploughing around kidsgrove between 10.00pm & 1.00am so hardly constant! I had to walk from Newchapel to Kidsgrove to help dig my son out - he cut stuck by the Harecastle and no council vehicles sighted at all. Still only got as far as Ian Road and had to leave the car
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