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Kidsgrove Weather

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Kidsgrove Hit by Prolonged Snow

staffordshire county council grittingKidsgrove has been battered by a prolonged period of snowfall, which began last night and has continued throughout today and long into the evening. Many Kidsgrove residents appeared to be prepared for the event, with shopping numbers in Kidsgrove town centre drastically reduced for a Friday.

The snowfall which was the focus of a Met Office amber weather warning has been fairly light for most of the day, however has continued for a prolonged period of time. Staffordshire County Council appears to have done an excellent job on gritting this year, with many more roads than usual gritted in preparation for this snowfall. They have also been gritting no-stop today and on the whole kept most of the roads in Kidsgrove moving.

It appears that most of the issues have related to the lack of stock in local shops, something which Kidsgrove Councillor Mary Maxfield discovered today. Some residents have been panic buying in anticipation of the snowfall, something which has led to some items being unavailable in shops.

Newcastle Borough Council closed the Kidsgrove Contact Centre early at 12.30pm today and swimming lessons at Kidsgrove Sports Centre have been cancelled.

If you have any images of the snowfall in Kidsgrove or have any comments regarding the snowfall in Kidsgrove, please share them with us.

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