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Kidsgrove Winter Road Chippings

kidsgrove loose road chippingsThere have been quite a few comments made by Kidsgrove residents regarding the state of the newly resurfaced roads in the Kidsgrove area.

Many Kidsgrove roads have benefited from the massive highways investment which Staffordshire County Council has undertaken over the past years. This year it has seen many Kidsgrove roads resurfaced, something that should prolong the life of the highway and ensure that the dreaded pot hole does not have chance to form.

The process that the council use is called Surface Dressing. This process involves spraying the road with some form of adhesive which then will have stone chippings applied to this surface. Once rolled this is meant to form a waterproof, hardwearing surface.

It does appear that on many of the local roads the number of loose road chippings is increasing and not decreasing as time progresses. This appears to have become more of a problem following the first cold patch that we experienced at the beginning of December. Now with the increased rainfall it appears that more chippings are being given up from the surface, leaving parts of the highway completely bare.

This has led to many Kidsgrove residents questioning how effective this whole resurfacing process is. There have been many comments suggesting that Staffordshire County Council should be asking the contractor to revisit the area and rectify what appears to be a common issue. No doubt this issue is being discussed at a council level and we will report any comment the council makes on this.

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0 #2 Gareth 2013-06-12 11:30
Surface dressing melting in warmer weather but get no were with highways department I have no confidence that the highways will deal with this matter after phone call on 01/05/13, spoke to a Highway agent during W/E 05/05/13 who was checking skip permits in the road and told me she would let them in the office know the problem and email sent on 10/05/13 all with no reply. I see today 11/06/12 that you have they have start further road surface treatment in our area spending yet more money on a system that is failing to last and causing damage to our cars and property.
Also I was lead to believe that this surface coat should not be done in the rain and guess what it was raining today when they were putting the coating down. If someone had done a job for me like this I would be contacting trading standards and asking for my money back.
It is not car been covered in the tar but pets two. I have spoken to neighbours that are having cut the tar from dog’s paws.
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0 #1 Emma 2012-12-28 11:14
Vine Bank road is miles better than it used to be. I remember having to dodge the pot holes when I wanted to get into my drive a few years ago but now it is like you would expect a road to be.

Vine Bank road was surfaced early in the year and it seems these stones are coming from all the roads that were done later on in the year. Maybe it has something to do with the time of the year that the road is done?
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