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New Kidsgrove Sports Centre 2015 Onwards?

Kidsgrove Sports CentreKidsgrove residents and leisure users will have to wait until at least 2015 before any new Kidsgrove Sports Centre can be commissioned. This information is included in a report which Newcastle Borough Council officers are presenting to Newcastle Borough Councillors on the 14th November.

Kidsgrove Sports Centre is owned by Staffordshire County Council. It was built in 1976 and was last refurbished in 1999. The report considers that Kidsgrove Sports Centre is now at the end of its lifespan, something which has become evident last October when the roof failed on the swimming pool. Kidsgrove Swimming Pool was due to reopen last week, however this has been delayed by further issues which need to be addressed. It is hoped Kidsgrove Swimming Pool will open later this month.

It appears that Staffordshire County Council and Newcastle Borough Council both share the aspirations of providing “fit for purpose leisure and recreation” for the area of Kidsgrove. It does appear that any provision will happen after 2015 when Clough Hall School is redeveloped, freeing up land which the council will be able to sell to raise revenue. No doubt this will be a residential development and one which will create debate amongst Kidsgrove residents living close to the existing site.

  • Newcastle Borough Council is being presented with the following options for the future of Kidsgrove Sports Centre.
  • A new Kidsgrove Sports Centre at an estimated cost of £6m. This would require the sale of land from the existing school site to fund the project.
  • A full refurbishment of Kidsgrove Sports Centre, at an estimated cost of £4.5m. This would see the swimming pool volume in Kidsgrove reduced and the fitness area increased in size. This could produce savings of £178,000 per year, over a 5 year period.
  • A reduced refurbishment scheme to extend the life span of Kidsgrove Sports Centre. This would extend the life span of the centre by 12 years and would cost around £2.5m.

It has also been revealed that the council was unsuccessful in a bid to Sport England for £500,000 which would have been used to refurbish the changing rooms and improve the all-weather outdoor pitches.

It does appear from the report that the lack of short and medium term funding at the council means that nothing can actually happen at Kidsgrove Sports Centre at the current time. The council says that it will be exploring grant opportunities where possible, however it does seem that the best chance of major improvements to Kidsgrove Sports Centre will come in 2015 onwards.

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