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Kidsgrove Councillors Authorise Spending Residents Funds on Local Newspaper Purchase

Kidsgrove Town Council NewspaperKidsgrove Town Councillors have authorised spending Kidsgrove tax payers’ money on purchasing a daily copy of The Sentinel newspaper.

This agreed expenditure on purchasing a daily copy of the local newspaper was reported in the Kidsgrove Town Council minutes which were published for the Kidsgrove Town Council meeting on 17th May 2012.

The Kidsgrove Town Council minutes actually read “It was resolved that, the daily purchase of a Sentinel for use by staff members and visitors to the office be approved.” This does pose the question if Kidsgrove residents need to bother purchasing the 40p, 6 day a week publication when they could easily “visit” the council offices in Kidsgrove and read a newspaper which they have already paid for through their taxation?

Why Kidsgrove Town Council has agreed to now make such a purchase, given that the council clearly has operated in the past without the need to spend Kidsgrove residents money on a newspaper? It does appear a strange decision for Kidgrove Town Council to make such a purchase when budgets are being pushed to their extreme.

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0 #1 Claire 2012-10-26 17:03
Why am I not surprised to read this about Kidsgrove. It has to be he only employer I know of who buys its workers a paper.

How many people does the council employ?
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