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Police to Force Kidsgrove Bonfire Cancellation

Kidsgrove Bonfire CancelledKidsgrove Bonfire is looking like being cancelled this year after Staffordshire Police imposed a long list of improvements that need to be made to the Clough Hall Park event, before they will remove their safety concerns.

Kidsgrove Rotary Club who organise the Kidsgrove Bonfire are said to be exceptionally upset and annoyed that a Kidsgrove iconic event could be withdrawn because of the actions of the Police. It appears that Staffordshire Police have made a list of demands to improve safety, however these are all at exceptionally short notice and would increase the costs of the Kidsgrove event, raising doubts if the event would event be viable.

The Police list of demands for Kidsgrove bonfire include:

  • Increase the number of stewards from 12 to 30
  • Stewards are professionally briefed on roles and responsibilities
  • Improved crowd barriers around the bonfire
  • Additional temporary lighting around the park

It appears the Police have raised these objections following an incident last year where one officer got injured outside the park, after the Kidsgrove event. It is believed that the event can raise up to £6000 for local charities, something that could now be lost from the local community. It is unknown at the moment if anyone else will take on the organising of the bonfire.

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0 #7 sam 2012-10-16 17:44
whether or not one police officer or 10 were injured seems as its such an iconic event with suitable safety measures surely that means NO police officers should of been injured!! if it wasnt for the police this area would be a mess surrounded with under age drinking and violence, at the end of the day they are only doing their job and their job was to improve the safety of this bonfire!! but as usual people always find something to moan about because we can never be satisfied with anything that will bring us improvement if its such a big deal to you all then you should put your own ideas forward and volunteer to man the safety of this bonfire by yourself, and when you face the problems of under age drinking and the violence you will realise why these safety measurmentss are in force!! and this comes from somebody under the age of 25, we should all stop blaming the police becasue at the end of the day they are here to help and thats what they are doing.
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0 #6 Jess 2012-10-14 12:35
The fun day was celebrating 15 years since Tesco opened.

I would imagine that there was a Police presence there so that people could see them and talk about issues.

Not all Police officers are bad. They do a difficult job.
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0 #5 Ron 2012-10-14 10:12
Well the Police would be found doing anything that doesn't involve work. Look at all the cases which have come out showing how they are good at covering up the truth (Hillsborough) and all those people who have been "fitted up" for crimes because the Police could not find anyone else.

I have lost all respect for the Police and what they have done to the bonfire just proves how bad they are locally.

Just think those officers are getting paid to prance about in a supermarket.
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0 #4 John 2012-10-13 16:26
There was a rumour I heard that the Policr are short on resources and don't want to police it.

Yet they were in Kidsgrove Tesco today helping out at some fun day. Nice to see the Police are hard working catching criminals in Kidsgrove today.
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0 #3 Michael 2012-10-13 16:16
So what we are saying is that safety measures that were satisfactory for over 40 years are suddenly not sufficient anymore?
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0 #2 Mark 2012-10-12 16:48
Well it was in the paper that the fun fair people could provide the stewards to help get the event going. The problem is that people now think the event is off and I would guess that filling in all the paperwork in time is actually going to be the hard part. It just seems a farce the Police are moaning about something that must happen every night of the week. If drinking is a problem, shut the shop down who have sold the drink in the first place.
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0 #1 jess 2012-10-12 12:27
I agree that safety is important at bonfires but in this case I think Health and Safety issues are just an excuse to cancel because a Police Officer was injured.
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