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Maryhill Primary School Placed in Special Measures

Maryhill Primary SchoolMaryhill Primary School has been placed in “Special Measures” according to the Ofsted inspection report which was published on Friday. Ofsted inspectors found serious failings with the leadership and management at the Kidsgrove school, as well commenting on the poor quality of teaching which takes place at Maryhill Primary School.

The Ofsted report states:

  • Pupils make insufficient progress and attainment is low and has declined. Leaders and managers have not ensured that pupils reach at least the national minimum expectations in English and mathematics.
  • The quality of teaching is inadequate and does not prepare pupils for the next stage of their education. Assessment practice is weak. Marking is not clear enough in helping pupils understand how to improve.
  • The leadership of teaching and the management of performance are inadequate.
  • Governors do not challenge senior leaders and staff or hold them to account for their performance.

Clearly there will be many concerned parents in Kidsgrove reading about the findings of this Ofsted report. It should be noted that this report was taken last term and many changes will probably underway at the school. You can read a full copy of the Ofsted report for Maryhill Primary School on the Ofsted website.

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+4 #9 concerned parent 2013-05-10 22:22
Mark I totally disagree we have numerous schools within the area that have gained good or above so that is not an excuse! steve with a new head things can only get better lets face it they could not be worse that's for sure! maryhill mum I am sure you are one of many :( Angry Patent this is still the case and NOT CHANGED!! Parent4 I don't care what changes Ofsted have made if the school was meeting the needs of the pupils they would not be in special measures END OF!!!! and I can not think of ANY excuse that makes this exceptable can you ? ange Clarke I am glad you have had a great experience and your child has benefited but the evidence shows the majority are NOT and this is not exceptable just look at the follow up hmi report online on Ofsted that says it all. Liz I totally agree with you the head now needs to have a good look at her role in all of this and take a good hard look in the mirror enough children have been let down now so step aside !!!!
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+4 #8 Liz Frustrated Mum 2013-05-10 19:46
This school has drastically gone down hill !! When the current head came in she was full of promise but now...well, she only cares about HER reputation. My child was registered with Young Gifted and Talented for her Maths and English at the age of just 5yrs. Now they have no time for her and don't even bother to help her maintain her high levels. Get the head out and new one in.....experien ced staff and fewer 'teaching assistants' wouldn't go amiss. I didn't have any 'teaching assistants' when I went to school and I got by ok. Get some decent teachers back instead of the ones we have in most schools nowadays!!!!!
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-3 #7 Ange Clarke 2013-02-08 08:28
I have just moved my child from a satisfactory school to maryhill. Her previous school was a joke they didn't care about the kids the head was never at the school it's the only school I know where the head teacher works from home. Now maryhill in my eyes is a wonderful school all the staff have helped my child adjust and she has improved 100 % since she started maryhill. I cannot fault the school one bit and only have praise for the staff and head teacher and I now have a happy child who actually wants to go to school and learn unlike her attitude to the other school which she hated as the brightest or favourites got the attention and the others got left behind. This is not the case at maryhill it's a very good school and these measures will only make it better
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-1 #6 #Parent4 2013-01-11 12:29
Dear all, I would like to know if any of the parents are aware of how the new ofstead regulations work? ALL schools are struggling to manage how they are being inspected as it is so completely different from the old style.
Yes there have been changes in the staff at the school, but this is unfortunate for the children but ti is an issue that has been dealt with. May I ask that if any parents have shown a concern about this before the ofstead did they go into the school and raise their concerns with the staff?
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+3 #5 angry parent 2013-01-05 00:06
I am disgusted in the way this school has been since this management has taken over. My daughter was let down by this school as since reception she didn't have a proper and stable teacher, instead she kept having supply techers and this hindered her education. And in regards to the high school comment- since my kids have left the primary and gone to the high school, they have made great progress and said how brilliant it is compared to the primary school. Don't be under the impression that the high school is anything like the primary school as they are completely different in the sense that the high schools brilliant and the primary is rubbish and I would not advise you send your child there if you want them to have a good education.
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-1 #4 maryhill mum 2012-10-15 19:49
my child is a pupil at maryhill primary and has severe learning difficulties which i have had to fight with the school for 4 years to get him the help he needs and deserves he is now 11 and has a reading age of 6 and the school seem to think this is acceptable im disgusted at the lack of motivation in the school for the children with learning difficulties and my child is just one of many, i would not reccomend this school to anyone whoes child may need extra help, im so disapointed in the lack of education my son has got i dread to think what would of happened if i hadnt of pushed for everything i could get for him i worry for other children i hope something is done soon.
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-11 #3 Steve 2012-09-27 22:53
Is there any way to ensure that it doesn't happen again? Even under a new head things may not improve. Then again the school has been falling apart for years. The high school isn't that much better despite the hype in my opinion.
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+9 #2 Mark 2012-09-25 22:15
I don't know the school and maybe it is bad but all the new Ofsteds seem to be coming out as ok or poor. Seems that good schools are now failing and maybe this school was caught out by the changes?
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-5 #1 concerned parent 2012-09-25 18:51
I think it is obvious that the pupils attending this school have been severely let down by the current leadership and management. This is unacceptable and as a parent with no confidence in the current management clearly a new head teacher is required. This way the parents of the pupils attending can then rest assured that this would not occur again.
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