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Kidsgrove Should Have Done More to Celebrate Jubilee

Kidsgrove Town Council JubileeKidsgrove residents have overwhelmingly said that they felt that Kidsgrove should have done more to celebrate the Jubilee. The online poll which we ran overwhelmingly shows that the majority of Kidsgrove residents feel let down by the efforts made in Kidsgrove Town Centre to mark the Jubilee, in a year which has seen people take real pride in their national identity.

When we asked residents in Kidsgrove Town Centre about the effort shown in Kidsgrove, comments were less than complementary about the effort shown by Kidsgrove Town Council, with many pointing the finger of blame at them for the lack of effort in Kidsgrove. One resident commented “They took the time to decorate the Town Hall (Kidsgrove), but what about the rest of Kidsgrove? If it wasn’t for some of the shops decorating their windows you wouldn’t know anything special is happening”. This sort of comment has been echoed many times locally in Kidsgrove and online.

Kidsgrove Town Council was shrouded in controversy in the build-up to the Jubilee celebrations after confusing statements were made by members of Kidsgrove Council regarding plans to mark the event at Clough Hall Park. The Sentinel printed comments from members of Kidsgrove Town Council which were rebuffed by members of The Friends of Clough Hall Park. Clough Hall Park is still waiting for these plans which Kidsgrove Town Council talked about to come to fruition to mark the Jubilee of 2012.


Members of Kidsgrove Town Council did organise some events to mark the Jubilee, some of which appeared to be more successful than others. Kidsgrove shop keepers took park in a Jubilee window dressing competition and parties and social events were also held at Kidsgrove Town Hall. Kidsgrove also was host to a Jubilee beacon which was lit on the roof of Kidsgrove Town Hall. Many of these events appeared to be put together at the last minute and as a result some Kidsgrove residents had no idea that anything was taking place.

Kidsgrove Councillor Kyle Robinson appeared more concerned in mocking the well acclaimed efforts in Alsager to mark the Jubilee, in comments made on his social media account at the time. Mary Maxfield commented that she felt some of the responsibility had to lie with the businesses in Kidsgrove. She commented that the Chamber of Trade in Kidsgrove no-longer existed and Kidsgrove could not always rely on the work of Kidsgrove Town Council. It is the Chamber of Trade in Alsager and the Alsager Round Table who organise many of the events which take place in the town.

We have no idea what the total expenditure was on the Jubilee was in Kidsgrove, however we are led to believe it is a significant figure. Kidsgrove had a chance to leave a lasting legacy and boost the overall impression of Kidsgrove Town Centre, however it appears that many residents in Kidsgrove feel this has been lost.

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0 #1 M. Maxfield 2012-08-29 20:32
The Town Council did try and they only have so much money to spend. As I have commented before businesses did not do very much but what did residents do? There didn't seem to be the interest and enthusiasm unlike the Coronation which was celebrated by everyone. However, times have changed since then and lifestyles and attitudes have changed also. The problem is that a lot of people think that it is always someone else's responsibility. For example Kidsgrove Carnival Association is only supported by 5 residents.
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