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Kidsgrove Residents Urged not to Swim in Bathpool Park

Bathpool Park KidsgroveKidsgrove Residents are being urged to make a splash at swimming pools in Newcastle-under-Lyme this summer instead of taking a dip in Bathpool Park.

The borough council has issued the safety warning following the current hot spell and a spate of accidental drownings and rescues across the country.

The council owns the site at Bathpool Park in Kidsgrove, which is home to a large piece of water which is used by some people to swim in on warm days. It is really important that Kidsgrove residents swim in the swimming pools in the area and not Bathpool Park.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has pointed out that tragedies tend to peak during hot weather.

Cllr. Tony Kearon, Cabinet member for safer communities, said: “We want families to make the most of the lovely weather but at the same time we want to help keep them safe from harm.

“Pools and lakes can be very inviting places when the weather gets hot but they can also be extremely dangerous and even fatal. It is much safer to use supervised facilities.

“The water can be deeper and colder than it looks. There is also the threat of underwater hazards which could get someone into difficulties quite quickly.”

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