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Kidsgrove Transport Interchange Details Shared

Kidsgrove Transport InterchangeThe Kidsgrove Regeneration project which Kidsgrove Town Council, Staffordshire County Council and local Kidsgrove MP Joan Walley have been working on, appears to be coming to fruition in parts. Kidsgrove Councillor Matthew Banner has produced a detailed report listing the events that have taken place in getting to where we currently are at the moment. This full report can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

The regeneration project is aimed at creating an improved integrated transport system in Kidsgrove. This involves attempting to connect existing services as well as improving and upgrading them, so as to make commuting to, from and within the town more accessible. It was agreed that the aim of improving connections between local services was paramount to the future of Kidsgrove.

One of the proposals which has been made is:

  • To make Kidsgrove Railway Station fully DDA-compliant, something that will have to see the current footbridge at Kidsgrove Station changing. This is made more complex though by the fact that East Midlands Trains only leases Kidsgrove Station and Network Rail are responsible for funding such DDA-compliant improvements.

There is universal support for such improvements with the preferred option of the existing footbridge at Kidsgrove Station to be replaced with a ramped over bridge.


In addition the proposals also include discussion about extending the existing car parking facilities at Kidsgrove Railway Station. It has been claimed that some of the car parking problems in The Avenue have been caused by commuters parking their cars as the Kidsgrove Station car park is full. A possible solution to this could be Staffordshire County Council selling some of the land they own close to the station for use as a car park. Some critics will argue that it is actually the station car parking charges imposed by East Midlands Trains which have caused the recent car parking problems.

There have also been planned to integrate the transport network in Kidsgrove. Plans are currently being investigated to get First Bus to operate from this location, as is the case with the D&G Bus Service which operates from Kidsgrove. It is hard though to see how the current road access would be suitable for large scale, regular bus operations.

It is pleasing to learn that improvements are underway in Kidsgrove and action is being taken. To read more details about Kidsgrove Regeneration project please download the report which Kidsgrove Councillor Matthew Banner has kindly produced.

Download Kidsgrove Regeneration Project Report Here

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