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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

Election 2012: Meet Claire Vodrey Kidsgrove Ward

Claire Vodrey picAs readers will know, we have asked all election candidates to answer a few simple questions, those who have replied we shall share with you their replies online. Today we can feature Claire Vodrey who is standing in the Kidsgrove Ward.

Name: Claire Vodrey

Ward: Kidsgrove

What do you do for a living / what is your background outside of politics?

I work in the public sector and have lived in Kidsgrove for 23 years with my family growing up here.

What are the main local issues impacting on your ward?

Like many other parts of our area jobs are being lost and our services are being cut, closed or privatised. Attempts to close Kidsgrove swimming baths and our Police Station have been prevented by local residents fighting back to save them and the fight to maintain Kidsgrove Delivery Office and against the closure of Maryhill Day Centre must continue.

It's estimated that only 30% of planned cuts have so far been carried out. I think its vital that we end this cycle of cuts, cuts and more cuts being carried out by Tory, Lib Dem and Labour controlled councils otherwise there will be little left for us and a desperate future for our kids.

Kidsgrove is a good town with some great amenities which I want to maintain for the future. The whole country and in particular local communities need to be sure that their local services are protected from the draconian cuts which are being imposed to pay for a national debt that is not of our making.

What are you going to do to address these issues?

As a Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate I am committed to:


  • Oppose all cuts to council jobs, services, pay and conditions - we reject the claim that 'some cuts' are necessary to our services.
  • Reject increases in council tax, rent and service charges to compensate for government cuts.
  • Vote against the privatisation of council jobs and services, or the transfer of council services to 'social enterprises' or 'arms-length' management organisations, which are first steps to privatisation.
  • Use all the legal powers available to councils, including powers to refer local NHS decisions, initiate referenda and organise public commissions and consultations, to oppose both the cuts and government policies which centrally impose the transfer of public services to private bodies.
  • When faced with government cuts to council funding, councils should refuse to implement the cuts. We will support councils which in the first instance use their reserves and prudential borrowing powers to avoid passing them on - while arguing that the best way to mobilise the mass campaign that is necessary to defeat the cuts is to set a budget that meets the needs of the local community and demands that the government makes up the shortfall.

Why should residents vote for you to be their Newcastle Borough Councillor?

We all know that its the Con–Dem government who are behind the cuts nationally. But anyone who thinks that Labour will do anything to stop these cuts need look only a few miles down the road to Stoke-on-Trent where the Labour council last year passed on £35 million cuts without a whimper of opposition. This year they have agreed £24 million cuts with further cuts of £24 million estimated for next year!

A vote for Tory, Lib Dem or Labour will ENSURE a programme of more cuts, closures and privatisations.

As a public sector worker I have found it necessary to take strike action along with 2 million other workers against the government's attempt to make public sector workers pay more and work longer for less pension while they cut taxes for the super rich.

A vote for me as a TUSC candidate will GUARENTEE a similar fightback against the Tory, Lib Dem and Labour endless cycle of cuts.

We would like to thank Claire Vodrey for taking the time to share this information with local residents.

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