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Kidsgrove Councillor Banner Confirms Unofficial Site

Kidgrove Town Councillor Matthew BannerUKIP Kidsgrove Town Councillor Matthew Banner who is a member of the Kidsgrove Town Council website committee has confirmed what many Kidsgrove residents suspected regarding the validity of the website which has been created by Labour Kidsgrove Councillor Margaret Astle.

Councillor Banner also went on to confirm that the Twitter account @kidsgrovetowncouncil also has no link to Kidsgrove Town Council. Kidsgrove residents can no doubt work out who the owner of that Twitter account will be, when the profile page refers to the above website.

Councillor Banner confirmed that it is true that he has been tasked with designing the new Kidsgrove Town Council website which he presented the draft website to Kidsgrove Town Council in January. He also went on to confirm that no alpha or beta testing has taken place publically of this new site as amendments need to be made.

Clearly this now makes the comments and links to Margaret Astles own website, found on Gillian Burnetts and Margaret Astles website all the more confusing. Remember both of these Kidsgrove Councillors were claiming that this link was to the new website. Also who setup and controls this unofficial Kidsgrove Town Council Twitter account which also refers to this website?

I have to add that Kidsgrove Councillor Matthew Banner has been a shining example of how Kidsgrove Councillors should operate. Councillor Banner was exceptionally prompt with his communication and answered all the questions which we asked him. He went on to add he was willing to answer any further questions. I only hope that the official Kidsgrove Town Council website which KTC is producing is not damaged by the actions of some of his fellow Kidsgrove Councillors.

A full extract of the questions and answers provided by Kidsgrove Councillor Matthew Banner can be read below.


1) What is the official domain name for Kidsgrove Town Council? This is the ONLY official website representing the KTC, Any blogs, websites or social networking sites impersonating the KTC is unofficial and should be reported to your Councillor's!

2) Are you developing as reported in the KTC minutes a new website for KTC?

The reports are correct.

3) (If so) what progress has been made on this new website?

I started designing the new website last year and completed my initial draft around January. The draft was then submitted to the Town Council for the reviewing stage and as such to my knowledge this is where it still remains, as certain items on the new website need changing and updating.

4) To the best of your knowledge have any alpha or beta versions of the new KTC website been published for public consultation?

The new (draft) KTC website has not been put online and there is no indication as to when this will be achieved, as the situation has a lot of stages before completion. As stated the website is under the scrutiny stage, due to it is a draft and work still needs to be done.

5) To the best of your knowledge does KTC have an official Twitter account?

I can confirm the KTC does NOT have an official twitter. As stated in Q1 This is the ONLY official website representing the KTC, Any blogs, websites or social networking sites impersonating the KTC is unofficial. It may be that the twitter account which you refer to was made by a member of the KTC earlier on has not been brought to our attention. As such I have emailed the Town Clerk with the necessary information condemning the account as to my knowledge it is not recognized as being official.

6) (If so) who controls the content that is released via this account?

It is unknown who has set up the account and as stated Jill shall be contacted deciding the fate of it. All content posted on the official KTC website is controlled and deliberated by all councillors.

Editors Note:

Since producing the article Councillor Banner has provided the following additional clarification.

“I would further like to add a matter of clarity. I was in charge of the initial product of designing a website, as such when it went before the scrutiny stage I relinquished control to the KTC and therefore I am no longer in charge. I completed my task, designed the website and now the KTC is in control of all further designing or content matters. Sorry if this causes any confusion, but I did not want merit where not earned. Just to confirm I designed the website and now the control and SOLE control rests the KTC.”

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