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Margaret Astle in Confusing Council Website

kidsgrove labour party in confusing websitesKidsgrove Labour Councillor Margaret Astle has setup and been running a confusing Kidsgrove Town Council website. We have been monitoring this issue for a while as Labour Councillor Margaret Astle has numerous websites setup in the local area, however she is not so keen to tell residents about the connection between all these websites.

We decided to report this story today as it has been picked up on from a poster in our forum boards, who has been uncovering some interesting bits of information from the Kidsgrove Town Council minutes. What is also interesting is how this unofficial Kidsgrove Town Council website that Margaret Astle has setup does not work from its direct link, however does still exist (see a view of the site below).

There was an interesting line where Margaret Astle was making out that she was thanking fellow sites for website links, when in fact she was actually linking to her own website. This website also listed all the Labour Party members of Kidsgrove Council and only had the smallest indication at the bottom of the site that this had no connection with Kidsgrove Town Council. (see images below)

If Margaret Astle really setup this website for the benefit of Kidsgrove then she should hand over this domain to Kidsgrove Town Council.

During our investigations we have also found that Kidsgrove Mayor Kyle Robinson and Astle family member is also up to the same trick of making out that website links are totally independent. It is also unsurprising, but equally comical that you will not find a link to this site on any of their websites. Responsible behaviour from local Kidsgrove Councillors?

The minutes from Kidsgrove Town Council relating to this matter can be read below, along with some evidence of what this confusing site looks like. You can then make up your own mind if this is misleading or not?

178 Unofficial Web Sites and Blogs

a A notice was posted to all members stating that personal web sites must not be purporting to be relaying the views of the Town Council.
b It was advised that the website/blog belonging to Councillor Mrs Astle has had a disclaimer placed upon it and the title has been changed to remove the words ‘Town Council’. Members were requested to view the site for confirmation of this action and report any observations or concerns regarding any unofficial websites to the Clerk.

3c A member voiced concerns in relation to fraudulent use of such a site, which had been brought to the attention of the Monitoring Officer.
d The meeting became unruly and was disrupted by disorderly conduct. The Chairman expressed the opinion that there was a breach of standing orders and moved and that the person responsible be excluded from the meeting. The motion, was seconded, put forthwith without discussion. It was resolved that Councillor K N Taylor be excluded.

Below are some images of the website where Margaret Astle isn't so open about who owns the website. It does appear to the casual eye that it belongs to Kidsgrove Town Council.

margaret astle kidsgrove website links

Now this is confusing,

margaret astle kidsgrove website misleading

Here is the full page that you see when loading the site. Not at all confusing with the images of Kidsgrove Town Hall and references to Kidsgrove Town Council and Councillors.

kidsgrove town council website


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