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Staffordshire County Council Salt Expenditure

The BBC has conducted some research under the FOI act to obtain the costs which councils are paying for salt from their suppliers which is used to grit the roads. The findings of this report made interesting reading as a UK but also raises more worrying questions if you are a resident in Staffordshire.

The BBC established that there were 3 major suppliers to all the UK councils based in different parts of the UK. We in Staffordshire naturally have a contract with South Cheshire based the Salt Union. Despite this local based supplier Staffordshire County Council is spending one of the largest amounts of tax payers money on salt in the whole of the UK.

The table below shows the price paid by different Councils for salt and highlights the vast differences in the prices.




Staffordshire clearly realise that this doesn't make good reading and as a result provided the BBC with the following quote "We have gone through a tendering process and this contract came out as the most reasonably priced."

This doesn't fill you with much hope of how the council manages its budgets as an organisation and all this at a time when they are talking about reducing the amount of gritting that they do, when surly a reduction in the price of salt would be a much more economical idea?

The full article from he BBC can be found here.

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