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Council Plan to Sell Open Space for Housing

The Land Proposed for sale in Whitehill, Kidsgrove by Newcastle Brough CouncilIt has been reported on the Whitehill Online Forums that Newcastle Brough Council (NBC) are planning on selling off local land in Whitehill, Kidsgrove for housing.


Reports are suggesting that the land off Ian Road and Lapwing Road (Whitehill, Kidsgrove), which is currently green open space is planned to be sold of to increase revenue sources for Newcastle Brough Council (NBC). This is interesting as this piece of land has not previously been talked about, with residents suggesting that any land sale would be the land currently used as a play area for children, on the other side of Lapwing Road.


Newcastle Brough Council (NBC) has informed residents of their intention to obtain planning permission for housing on this piece of land and all indications suggest that a developer has already been found. It would not be unreasonable to expect any such housing sale deal to also include the provision for the developer to resurface Lapwing Road - which has been an issue also reported in the Whitehill Online Forums.


-- Update --


We now have a copy of the letter sent to residents and the maps outlining the land which the council intends to sell off. You can view the documents for yourself by clicking on the following links below:

Copy of letter sent to residents


Copy of maps of the land in Whitehill, Kidsgrove to be sold


We do not currently have any further information, however as soon as we are provided with any, we will report the story. If this is a story you feel strongly about, please join the forum boards and have your say on the issue.

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