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Will the recent way NBC has handled the travellers situation impact who you vote for in future council elections?

Yes I will vote for a different party / councillor than our current lot in Kidsgrove - 91.8%
No I will vote for the party / councillor who represent Kidsgrove now. - 8.2%

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whitehill online facebookThe way that the online community communicates is constantly changing and one of the more popular methods that we have found for local discussion and news based around Kidsgrove is Facebook and Twitter.

That is why we have found a way on including our Facebook page on the website, so it is easy to like, share and comment on the issues that matter to you.

Labour Council Members Resign from Party

Kidsgrove Councillors Leave LabourCouncilors Jill Burnett and Paul Waring have both left resigned from the Labour Party in Newcastle under Lyme according to a report on BBC Radio Stoke.

The councilors have resigned as they has not been selected to stand for election again for their seats in the May elections. The station reports that some quite strong comments were made from these members who accused a small number in the Labour Party of only looking after their self interests and not representing the best interests of local residents.

This now means that Labour no longer has a majority on Newcastle Borough Council and also leaves open the possibility that ex Newcastle Borough Council Leader Gareth Snell could stand for election in the local area. This is after he moved wards and failed to get elected, losing both times to UKIP. If this is the case, lets hope that UKIP can once again unseat the man who has given nothing to Kidsgrove and clearly just wants any seat that Labour believe is easy to win.

Only time will now tell who stands in the election, however our suggestion above could very well happen in the logical world of local politics.

Kidsgrove Tesco in the Local Community

Kidsgrove Tesco

We have recieved the following from Rich Evans who is an employee at Tesco in Kidsgorve and does work to promote the local community and help out where he can. He has asked that we include the message below.

Hi I know many will already know who I am but im Rich Evans from Tesco Kidsgrove I am the community officer and my main job is to work in my community supporting local organisations etc, for many years I have helped and supported many different projects right from gardening at schools upto supporting local groups and I just want to make you and your great followers of Whitehill Online know that I am here and that if they need support in anyway then please contact myself who will be happy to help/guide them in the right direction. Thanks in advance.


facebook-rich stephenson evans

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

call 01782 585465

Kidsgrove Bonfire 1st of November

Kidsgrove BonfireIt is the time of the year when Kidsgrove Bonfire takes place. This year it is held on the 1st November and takes place at Clough Hall Park in Kidsgrove. The event is a great way to show your support to the local community of Kidsgrove.

The information below is from The Rotary Club of Kidsgrove's website;

Cost per Adult: £5.00p
Cost per O.A.P. £3.00p
Cost per Child: £3.00p (3 years to 15 years)
Cost per Family: £13.00p (2 Adults and 2 Children, extra Children £2)
Children 3 years or under: FREE

Please Pay on the Gate

Gates CLOSED 5.30 pm. (Clough Hall Road & Grove Avenue)
Gates RE-OPEN 6.00 pm. (Clough Hall Road & Grove Avenue)

Bonfire 7.00 pm. Kidsgrove Deputy Town Mayor Sylvia Dymond, & President Mick Salt will light the bonfire

Firework Display 7.45 pm.

Gates CLOSED 10.30 pm.

Warwick's Fun Fair will be open in the park on Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Refreshments & Snacks are available

Due to the many issues involved with Health & Safety Regulations, the Rotary Club of Kidsgrove CAN NOT accept any combustible's for the bonfire.

Don't forget Clough Hall Park is STRICTLY an alcohol free area.
With Police guidance you may be asked to prove that you haven't any alcohol on your person.
Any person found with alcohol will be asked politely to leave the park and the alcohol will be confiscated.

Kidsgrove Lads & Dads Football Tournament Cancelled

kidsgrove ladsandadsIt appears that the rumour is sadly true that Kidsgrove Lads and Dads have been forced to cancel their football tournament which was due to be held this weekend. 

This event was initally in doubt following the travellers occupation of Birchenwood fields for the 3rd time in a few short months. This follows the concerns of residents that we reported over the state that Birchenwood had been left in, despite the claims that a clean up operation had been undertaken.

However Kidsgrove resident Matthew Banner has spoke to Kidsgrove Lads and Dads and told Whitehill Online; "It is true that this years Tournament has had to be cancelled, however it was made explicitly clear that this was in no way the effect of the Travellers who settled on the playing fields. Instead, there has been a health issue in regards to a water hazard, which is restricting the club from gaining entry to its sport equipment to use for the competition at their training grounds "The Pavilion". Although the Travellers have indeed made an impact, they are not the direct cause for the cancellation of the Tournament."

It is not known the effect this will have on the organisation as they were suggesting that this tournament is vital form of revenue when enables it to operate for the whole season.