Getting Kidsgrove Online – Tablet Computers

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Getting Kidsgrove Online – Tablet Computers

Postby computergirl » Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:10 pm

I am launching a new feature which is all about promoting the benefits of the internet to the people of kidsgrove. Clearly we could be writing these to the converted, however I hope Kidsgrove residents and groups will print off and share these resources with the wider Kidsgrove community.

In this first edition I am going to look at the new way in which people are accessing the internet; tablet computers. Most will have heard of the iPad, however there are some alternatives on the market which offer similar features at a much lower price.
Here I will review some of the tablet computing offerings to get Kidsgrove online.

Wi-Fi or 3G?

The first thing to consider is if you have access to wireless internet. This will be the wireless router which is usually provided free by most home broadband companies. If you don’t have home broadband then you may want to look at 3G. This is simply where you can place a sim card into your tablet computer and access the internet using your mobile network. These tablet computers usually cost a little more and you will have to take out a data contract with your mobile phone provider.

Which Tablet?

The main choices in the tablet world at the moment appear to be:

• iPad / iPad Mini
• Kindle Fire HD
• Google Nexus 7/10

All the tablets above will connect to the internet and allow you to read emails. If this is your main focus then you can quite easily purchase any of the above and they will allow you to complete this sort of task. In reality the iPad and Nexus offering are better designed for internet and email use, whereas the Kindle Fire is designed with its main focal point being the reading of electronic books via Amazon.

Prices for all the devices clearly vary. It is fair to say that in most cases the Kindle Fire will be the cheapest device, coming in at around £150 whereas the iPad is the most expensive, costing around £550. This is where actually going out into the stores and trying these devices proves really important. You need to work out what is best for you.

Why Tablet?

If you want to get online fairly easily without the hassle, then tablet computing is really for you. This is the ideal way to get someone online without the worry of constantly installing updates or worrying about nasty downloads which contain a wide range of viruses. Viruses do exist for tablets im sure and rogue websites will always be around, but if you know which site you want to visit then a tablet computer could be the ideal option for you.

A tablet computer would be the ideal resource to allow you to read what is happening online at this very site. I hope this guide has been of some use and I’ll produce some further guides in the future. Please feel free to print off and share. I just ask you link back to this forum section on Whitehill Online.
Many thanks,

If you have any computer questions please ask them and I will try to help. Remember all opinions and views are mine and no one else's.
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